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Nicasio Co III
Kevin Wong
Sales Manager
It's harder and important to be
kind than to be clever.
Karen Chen
PPC Team Leader
Focus on what you have, not what
you don't have.
Mohamed Aden
General Operations Manager
Verily with hardship comes ease...'"
(Quoran; 94:5-6)
Aisne Fortunno
Account Manager
is essential to our existence. Just ike
food  nourishes our bodies,
information and continued learning
nourishes our mind.
Angelie Interone
PPC Specialist
Arch Luna Joy de la Cerna
Architecture is like Writing. Yu have
to edit it over and over so it looks
Cassäundra Sloan
Digital Media Specialist
Life shrinks or expands in proportion
to one's courage.
Chelsie Simeon
Performance Specialist
Faith is about doing. You are how you
act, not just how you belive. - Mitch
Chris Cadano
Design Team - Head
Cristine Monica Aguila
Keyword Researcher
Today is a good day to try. -
Cyrel Nicolas
SEO Team Leader
Business without website is futile.
Website without a SEO is useless, and
SEO without a System is fruitless.
Dalaram ALijani
Sales Administration Manager
You define your own life. Don't let
other people write your script. -
Oprah Winfrey
Donna Belle Ansuas
Account Coordinator
I don't believe in luck or in hard work
without the so called work smart
Edraine Bernardo
Seller Interactive - Pre-pitch Team

Many of life's failures are people who
did not realize how close they were to
sucess when they gave up. - Thomas
Elizabeth Avery
Content Strategist & Brand
Ambassador (BBA)

I can do things you cannot, you can
do things I cannot; together we can
do great things. - Motther Teresa
Ellenor Niña Siman
Onboarding Speacialist
Grace Flows in the worry free areas of
our life...
Ernesto M. Lovete Jr.
Graphic Designer
I Can Do All Things Through Christ
Who Stengthens Me - Philippians
Felicia Liu
Head of Talent and Performance
Try Again. Fail Again. Fail better. -
Samuel Beckett
Haleigh Dookram
Junior Photographer
Instead of waiting for the storm to
pass, learn to dance in the rain!
Rimanshi Raj
Amazon Optimization Specialist
Love yourself or keep changing until
you do!
Jan Agustin de Guzman 
Jared Peten
Head of Finance
Jeanette Capistrano
Bloom where you are planted.
Jessa Savellano
Senior Talent and Payroll Team

Stay calm(!!!) just kiddin, none thanks!
Joan Jane Balote
Content Editor
The key to sucess is to focus our
concious mind on things we desire
not things we fear, - Brian Tracy
John Adolphus Andres
Amazon PPC Specialist
When we strive to become better
than we are, everything around us
becomes better too.
Joy Reyes
Content Manager
Use your energy in the direction of
truth and love. - The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz
Karen Joy A. sardan
Sales and Marketing Superstar
Take chance while you're still young
so that you can tell stories when
you're old.
Katerine Racsa
Account Manager
There is always reason to smile. You
just have to find one.
Katrina Millan
Graphic Designer
Don't be afraid to give up the good
to go for the great. - John D.
Kenya Rose Diche
Content Writer
All we have to decide is what to do
with the time that is give to us.
Lady Jane Paler
Talent Screening Specialist
"Women are meant to be loved, not
to be understood" -  The Canterville
Ghost and Other Stories by Oscar WIlde.
Lara Leung
Course Content Leader
Loralie Lyn Teves
Sales and Marketing Superstar
It does not matter how slowly you go,
as lng as you do not stop.
Mark Salvania
Team Lead, Full Stack Developer
The way of learning is to unlearn.
Marc Erlwin Flores
Content Writer
If the highest aim of a captain were to
preserve his ship, he would keep it in
port forever. - St. Thomas Aquinas
Maria Clarissa Domingo
Account Manager
"Be Still and Know that I am God"
Psalm 46:10
Maria Isabella Alamag
Efforts will li, but will never be in vain
Marianne Dasal
Content Editor
Keep some room in you heart for the
unimaginable. - Mary Oliver
Mariella Gutierrez
Content Writer
I felt how important the simplest
things were, like feeling proud,
finding something funny, stretching
yourself, retreating into yourself.
Mark Loi L. Salva
Graphic Designer
"The way to get started is to quit
talking and begin doing." -- Walt
Marie Joyce Estera Lanting
Sales and Marketing Superstar
"Sometimes we have to let ou
dreams go in order to allow God to
bring them back to us in his way and
his timing."
Mick Mariano
Account Manager
Don't be cheap. Spend it all before
it's gone.
Meira Fe A. Alolor
Sales and Marketing Superstar
Either you win or someone else does,
either you're right or someone else is.
You let yourself feel miserable or you
can do something to get out of it.
Mikka Ella Louise Flores
Graphic De
Let all you do, be done in love.
Monica Dasilio
Graphic Designer
"The word happiness is too vague,
but I hope you find life worth liveing
everyday." - Kim Hanbin
Naomi Miranda
Senior Designer
Nadine Zosa
Graphic Designer
"Creativuty is not a competition,
Creativity is about expanding your
own mental limitations into creating
something beautiful." - Autumn Sky
Nayab Hemani
Sales Representative
Failure and deprivation are the best
educators and purifiers - Albert Einstein
Neeil Garret Sumagang
Amazon PPC Specialist
"Data! Data! Data! I cannot make
bricks without clay." -Sherlock
Holmes, The Adventure of the Copper Beeches, 1892
Nisan Preet Bal
Amazon Advertising Head
"When life gets you down, you know
what you gotta do? Just keep
Nova Mae Felisco
SEO Outreach Specialist
All good things are worth waiting and
fighting for.
Paul John Apolinar
Account Coordinator
The greatest glory in living lies not in
never failing, but in rising every time
we fall.
Raye Danielle H. Peralta
"People rarely succeed unless they
have fun in what they are doing.'--
Dale Carnegie
Regine Mary Austria
Culture Specialist/ Team Lead
I am on my own path.
Rhia Anne F. Camiling
Keyword Research Specialist
Work on being in love with the
person in the mirror who has been
through so much but is still standing.
Rhoda Altea Secuya - Juni
Talent Sourcing Specialist
Carpe Diem Vive Vitam! Seize the day
or die regretting the times you lost.
Ria Quijano
What, lie it's hard? Elle Woods
Roben Cabintoy
Senior Amazon Account

Robert Corpuz Jr.
Sales and Marketing Superstar
Everyone has a past, but that's just
it.... it's in the past. You can learn from
it, but you can't change it
Romela Sison
Experienced Customer Service,

Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay focused
and Surround yourself
Rhunda Shaher
Project Manager
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't
change you
Ryan Bardahi
Content Editor
Whatever happens, happens.
Tuan Nguyen
Paid Ads & E-com Team Lead
Knowledge is not power. It is the
poential of power. Power is only
created in what you do with what you
Tyrone Ivan Evangelista Dinglasan
If you're the smartest person in the
room, you're in the wrong room.
Vanessa Mae D. Cabalhug
Culture and Performance Senioe
Team Leader

Believe you can and you're halfway
there! :)
Victoria Liz Macam
Lead Copywriter/Senior Editor
"Rock bottoms will teach you lessos
that mountaintops never will."
Wilbert Dela Cruz
Tiktok/Youtube Content Creator
It's better to be kind than to be right.
Wxyla Mae Benitez
Sales and Marketing Superstar
"Love the life you live, Live the Life
you love"
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